Do It Yourself Benefit System (DIYBS)

You can QUOTE, BIND and ENROLL all of your groups right from your desktop via DIYBS.  FINALLY, a Small Group (5-100 lives on Plan) Self-Funded product that actually works, is competitive and feels just like Fully Insured!  DIYBS is giving you, the Producer, the ability to quote a Small Group from your desktop. With DIYBS you can produce an illustrative best case proposal within minutes just by entering in some basic information.

Broker Dashboard

DIYBS includes a broker dashboard that tracks where each group is at in the quoting process – which ones you bound, which ones you lost, etc.  You can run several reports and use the system as a complete broker management tool.  This amazing platform offers your groups 12 ACA qualified plan designs to choose from, three from each of the 4 metal tiers. Your group can then choose 2 of the 12 Plans to offer their employees.  Additional benefits of DIYBS:

  • There is no Specific Deductible!  This reduces administrative cost, speed up the claims payment process and prevents the employer from being responsible for “gap funding” during the plan year.
  • They only have to pay one monthly bill based off of enrollment of the group – just like Fully Insured.
  • 50% of our Groups have money left over in their Claim Fund at the end of the year and they get that money back.
  • Groups can use our electronic enrollment system to manage their Adds and Deletes throughout the plan year

How much time do you currently spend on requesting and tracking quotes?  How many fall through the cracks? Why not cut out the middle man and do produce your own quotes?

If you are interested and want to learn more, please contact us by email: